Starting Seeds, a KIDS Make n' Take

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Starting Seeds, a KIDS Make n' Take

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On February 23rd, from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. we welcome KIDS in elementary school or older to come poke seeds in the soil with us because it’s time to start those seeds indoors!

One Child ($17.50) fee includes: a tray of FOUR, 4 packs, seed starter mix, seeds (tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow-crookneck squash, and dwarf sunflower), four tags and refreshments. They will end class with 16 possible plants for your summertime garden.

One Child Bring Your Own Seeds ($15) fee includes: Bring your own seeds or purchase seeds the day of the event.

Two Siblings ($32.50) fee includes: Each child gets four, 4-packs and a seat at the table but they share a tray. We don’t have half trays in the store.

Two Siblings Bring Your Own Seeds ($29.50): Same as above, but bring your own seeds or purchase seeds the day of the class.

***With all KIDS classes at the station, children must be elementary age or older and an adult must stay with the child. To ensure everyone’s safety while at the Station, non-participating children (younger siblings for example) should not attend the class.

***Space is limited, so reserve your spot by paying the class fee either online or in the store.

Refreshments provided.

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