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Potted Gardens

With your particular style in mind, we choose pots or window boxes to house beautiful and unique plants!   We’ll even use your containers or locate to special find to suits you.  We acquire pottery from a variety of suppliers, giving us not only a unique stock but the availability to special order specifically for your space.

You can expect unique plants that give your containers an imaginative appeal.  Some of our favorite plants for pots are:  succulents, ferns, herbs and any unique plant that catches our eye.  

These “little gardens” are a small investment that add a touch of welcoming magic to your home or business. And we can keep them looking wonderful with our Seasonal change-out options.

Call us today at (864) 964-8204 - and let’s plan your unique Potted Garden together! 

Initial Installation (Pots and Plants)
We use your existing pots or find pots (small - medium - large - xtra large) that fit your particular style and space.  Oftentimes, we have pots that are already assembled and could be delivered to your business or residence within 2 days of placing the order. Even better reason to call today so you can give a Potted Garden to that special person!  

Maintenance Plan available

  • Plants changed out seasonally or as needed.  We often use an evergreen plant as the central element; the annuals are typically what need to be changed.
  • We are not be responsible for plants if not irrigated or hand watered.  A self watering insert may be purchased for your pot to help reduce watering time.  We recommend assigning one person to assume water needs.  
  • If a year contract is signed for seasonal change-out (at least 3 seasons), a 10% discount would be added towards your initial purchase.

      The maintenance plan would be based on the size of the pot and billed quarterly.