Bringing Southern Hospitality through Landscape Design

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Landscape Design

At LeBrun Designs, we love plants, design, and the overall process of creating a captivating place!  Why hire LeBrun Design?

  • You get an experienced eye. Whether it be a business entry or your entire property, a unique design is created each time.

  • Once the initial consultation is complete, you get to relax as your space is created on paper.

  • You will save time and money by hiring a professional. It is important to have a design prior to going to the nursery to save time and money. When visiting a nursery, the colors and variety of plants can overwhelm you with their beauty, leaving you walking away with plants not knowing where they go or if they will really only know you like them. With a landscape designer, you discuss the plants and materials you enjoy enabling the designer to find a place for those favorite plants and finding complimentary elements.


Design Process

Initial Consultation:  The first step in starting the design process is a site visit and discussion about your thoughts for yard transformation.  It helps to get a sense of your style, design area, and budget.  If you have a Pinterest board or Houzz ideabook started or favorite magazine clippings, have these ready to show what captures your interest!  The typical consultation usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours.  If survey is provided, it will be less than that as it saves time measuring the design area.  

Conceptual Designs:  The conceptual design typically takes ten hours to complete, depending on the size of area and detail involved.  A few weeks later, a meeting is scheduled to go over the Conceptual Design and plant palette sheets. We like to show you the rendered concept and a images of our plant suggestions that will accentuate your new landscape design.

Final Package includes:  final plan, plant and materials schedule.  The final product should provide the Landscape Contractor enough information to give you an estimate and to install the design.  

Optional items

  • seeking and providing quotes from local landscape contractors

  • visit to the nursery with you to consider plant specimens or hardscape materials in person

  • supervise the contractor's installation to ensure the final product is what we envisioned.


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